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Despite the rampant technical glitches and several very last-minute changes to both the submission requirements and procedures, on October 3, 2017 Vape Organics successfully submitted to the FDA our establishment registration and product listing, featuring the first and only certified organic e-liquids that contain nicotine. While there were wide information gaps between the regulatory authority and those attempting compliance, it was incredibly inspiring to witness and participate in the widespread information-sharing and generous assistance amongst vape companies in various online forums. Once again, it is clear both how much stronger we are when we unite, and the true level of commitment to this industry exhibited by a significant portion of its stakeholders.

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It will likely take the FDA some time to update their registry following the October 12 deadline extension for Registration and Product Listing, however this will soon be a highly valuable tool for vape shops to search and confirm which establishments are registered and which products listings have been accepted by the FDA. While the brunt of the FDA regulations falls on manufacturers (of all shapes and sizes), vape stores have a crucial role to play in the overall compliance process by supporting—stocking—precisely those manufacturers that are moving forward with regulatory compliance. This is not only in their own best interest in terms of minimizing their chances of penalization, but also strengthens our industry in several ways, including: ensuring that those companies investing their resources into compliance will actually be able to keep their doors open, and demonstrating to lawmakers that our industry as a whole is responsible.

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Consumers, too, can choose to support e-liquid and vape mods that are registered with the FDA. Such support is invaluable to every company investing incredible amounts of time and money into this process, and is a vote in favor of the continuation of this industry. Of course, without compliant companies, there will be nothing left of the vape industry in just a few years; don’t wait until it may be too late to vote with your wallet and show these companies you appreciate their efforts. Most of the companies going through these hurdles are truly in service to the industry and source their strength and resolve from the people whose lives they touch.

The next FDA compliance deadline is fast-approaching; the ingredients listing submission is due on November 8, 2017 for large-scale manufacturers and May 8, 2018 for small-scale manufacturers. Vape Organics continues to move forward in this arduous process, and we thank all of our retail partners and supporters for believing in us as a company, as well as in the value of our USDA-certified organic e-liquid, featuring the first and only organic nicotine in the world. There is no doubt that our unique offering is important in this industry and we are committed to doing everything we possibly can to ensure that this option is available to you for many years to come. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your support and love. We are proud to be solar-powered, but you fuel us.

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