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1. Coughing While Vaping

If vaping seems to cause you to cough, hit the pause button and ask yourself the following questions: is it possible I need to reduce my nicotine level? Is my temperature setting too high? Maybe it’s PG that’s irritating my lungs/throat?

Especially if you’re new to vaping, it can take some time and exploration to discover the right set-up and settings for you. The greater your curiosity and observation, the easier it will be for you to notice, and respond to, the messages you’re receiving—and coughing or a sore throat is definitely a message you want to heed.

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Coughing is often an indication that your nicotine level is too high, whether you’re new to vaping or recently made a switch to sub-ohm vaping—in which case you will definitely want to try a lower nicotine level. Vapers sharing their experiences on forums also offer adjusting airflow on the atomizer and/or reducing heat by lowering wattage settings as proven ways to mitigate coughing. Another major culprit of coughing for countless vapers is sensitivity to PG—a main ingredient in most e-liquids. Responsible for offering a strong throat hit, PG (propylene glycol) is a synthetic substance to which more and more vapers find themselves either sensitive or completely allergic; reported symptoms include coughing, bronchoconstriction, sore throat and hives. It is very rare to find truly 100% VG e-liquid, as even if this ingredient is omitted from the base, it can still be present in your vape juice as a carrier for the nicotine or flavorings. Vape Organics e-liquids are USDA-certified organic and indeed 100% free of PG and all petroleum-derived solvents.

If you have experimented with the aforementioned adjustments and continue to experience a cough or sore throat, please discontinue use and seek medical advice.


2. Low Flavor Production

Flavor is very important to vapers and one of the top characteristics of vaping identified by many in helping them stay away from cigarettes. Understandably, then, issues with tasting flavor, sometimes called “vaper’s tongue,” can be annoying. Firstly, regularly rotating the e-liquid flavors you’re using can be helpful in freshening your palette and rescuing you from a flavor rut; any flavor vaped constantly will lose its boldness and become bland over time. Remember: there is not just one best e-liquid flavor. Notice how blessed you are with such an incredible variety of vape juices, explore new options and find a few flavors you enjoy for different occasions, thereby ritualizing your vaping experience and welcoming opportunities for novelty. Of course, it can also be helpful to cleanse your palette by other means, including brushing your teeth or having some lemon juice. Finally, vaping can be dehydrating, which in turn can affect your taste buds, so make sure you are hydrated by drinking plenty of water while vaping.

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On the technical side, not getting enough flavor is once again an invitation to experiment with your settings so as to discover a better match. While this is highly personal, some standard tips are:

  • Check to see if the build in your atomizer has too much cotton (relevant mostly for rebuildable atomizers of various kinds).
  • Try cleaning your tank and adding both a fresh coil and fresh e-liquid.
  • Reduce your airflow, which may generate less vapor but more flavor.
  • Try increasing your wattage incrementally as we always advise that the lowest possible temperature at which you can enjoy vaping is preferable.
  • Consider transitioning to a sub-ohm tank as the larger wick and coil unlock bigger clouds, which in turn can contain more flavor. CAUTION: please be safe when sub-ohm vaping! Ensure your mod has good ventilation (you may need to open up your airflow again), that your battery has adequate amperage to handle this amount of power, preferably pair your sub-ohm tank with a reputable regulated box mod for its built-in safety features, and do your research about Ohm’s law! If you are new to vaping, do not try to build your own sub-ohm coils; rather, purchase a sub-ohm tank that will be compatible with most regulated box mods. Side note: 100% VG e-liquids are said to be the best for sub-ohm vaping to mitigate the harsh throat hit that can sometimes result from a hotter vape.


3. E-liquid Tastes Burnt

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This much-hated phenomenon has inspired quite a few memes widely circulated across the internet over the past few years… which means two things: a) you’re not alone; and b) solutions have been found!

The first step in this situation, just to be frugal, would be to try and turn your wattage down. In more cases than not, it would probably be too late for this largely preventative measure, but it’s worth a try before replacing parts. If that didn’t solve the problem then, yep, you need to check (and probably replace) your coils. Tip: for future reference, review Ohm’s law to calculate an appropriate wattage setting for your coil or follow the suggestions on the coil to prevent it from burning.

If you are using a tank and it had previously been working well, it’s possible you didn’t burn it and that it’s just past its expiration date. Toss the coil head and replace with a fresh one, with no guilt! If you’re using an RBA, the first step would be to remove your cotton (wicks) and if the coils are gunky, you can try cleaning them; if they still look dark or burnt, please replace. If cleaning them offers good results and they seem in working condition, consider two next steps: a) try using less cotton in your next build if you suspect you might have used too much—an excess of cotton can lead to a burnt taste; and b) check for hot spots, which as advised on vaping360, may be the cause of the burnt taste and presents as a red glow on part of your coil. As author Dave Kriegel recommends: “get your coils to pulse evenly by lightly pinching them with a pair of tweezers or even gently ‘strumming’ them with a small screwdriver (or checking to make sure they aren’t touching any parts of the inside of the atomizer.)” CAUTION: never pinch or strum your coils while firing your mod.

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Honestly, there are a ton of potential contributing factors to vape juice tasting burnt but we focused on the most prevalent factors. A lot of websites and forums even advise against 100% VG or max VG e-juices, claiming that the thick consistency can clog up your device. Since we offer 100% VG e-liquids, we just want to comment that Vape Organics products are custom-formulated to match the viscosity of 70/30 VG/PG blends and in three years of doing business we have literally received less than a handful of complaints about the compatibility of our organic e-liquids with vapers’ devices. However, Kriegel does also note that e-liquids featuring excessive levels of sweetener can damage your wicks and cause burnt-tasting hits. Another perk of certified organic e-liquid: it definitely does not contain any artificial sweeteners! In fact, we regularly receive the feedback from vapers making the switch to organic e-liquid that they’ve never seen such clean wicks before!

The “trick” with vaping is to remain patient; this is a highly customizable technology with endless variations, which is great for ultimately securing your perfect set-up, but there is certainly a learning curve. In the wise words of Aaliyah (RIP), “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.”

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