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This is the second part of a two-part series where we review the causes and probabilities of exploding batteries in e-cigarette devices and share safety guidelines so you can keep calm and vape on. See part one “The Truth Behind Exploding Vape Mods (Part I)” for the introduction where we discuss e-cigarettes and vape mods taking most of the media and internet’s heat when it comes to exploding batteries.

Mask Distribution's Mamba Vape Mod Paired with Vape Organics' and VO Distro's eVOlve RDA

The Mamba box mod featuring the VO chipset.

Mechanical mods are potentially dangerous for beginners as they do not contain any electronic circuitry or wiring, so the chances of short-circuiting are drastically increased. These batteries can easily be compromised through: over-voltage, over-discharge, over-amperage, or over-heating. Indeed, Battery Bro calls on stores to verify that a user is advanced enough to properly and responsibly handle an unregulated mod before completing the sale.

On this note, the development of more sophisticated hardware, like regulated box mods, should be celebrated as proof of our industry’s prioritization of safety, and capacity for rapid innovation. These devices feature internal circuitry to protect the devices from short-circuiting and over-heating; the device will actually shut down should problems with the battery arise. Indeed, as we are involved in the design and manufacture of the VO chipset featured in premium box mods, we can attest to the importance of its built-in safety features, including low resistance (protection from burning the coil when the coil build and wattage are incompatible), reverse polarity protection (preventing PCB explosion if the batteries are inserted upside down), and protection from over-charging (when charged with the included USB cord, though we recommend removing and charging the batteries in a designated charger featuring the same protection). Additionally, this chipset features upgradable firmware, so anyone in possession of a device with this chip will benefit indefinitely from future software updates, which could minimize harm in real time.

Further, according to the aforementioned report released by the U.S. Fire Administration, most of the e-cig explosions occurred while the devices were charging. We agree with Wired regarding the importance of high-quality hardware; purchasing e-cigs and especially advanced personal vaporizers from reputable manufacturers is of the utmost importance. As they advise, “Check the parts—if they look and feel cheap, they probably are.”

Woman Holding Vape Mod, Seated at Cafe TableOther Safety Precautions

  1. Turn off/lock your mod when you are carrying it around
  2. Verify the manufacturer’s expiration date for the battery; lithium-ion batteries are estimated to last between 2-3 years and it is advised not to use them past that time frame.
  3. Don’t store your mod/batteries in a car or trunk, or anywhere that could reach 60 degrees Celcius or 140 degrees Farenheit.
  4. Never freeze your batteries (some websites recommend this for prolonging battery life).

Additionally, if the battery overheats, hisses, or swells, Battery University recommends to immediately move the device away from flammable materials and place on a non-combustible surface. If possible, it is advised, remove the battery and put it outside to burn out.

Finally, Nick of GrimmGreen recommends that if your battery overheats or bulges, “get it out of the mod, and get it away from you. Either take the bottom or top connection off ASAP to break the circuit. Batteries venting or failing is a somewhat slow process. A warm battery or mod is the first sign that something is not right.”

Vape Organics Model Exhaling Vapor in Namaste Pose - Vape In Peace

As we always say, vape in peace… by following proper safety guidelines when vaping.

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    What is shelf life of 100%vg e juice if left alone after purchase?

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      Hi Lorenzo,
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