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It may seem like it wasn’t so long ago that we announced the launch of VO Tech, the technology-focused sister company of Vape Organics; however, in the year since VO Tech released the VO chipset, the company has developed invaluable vapor technology and garnered worldwide attention. While the VO chipset is working hard behind the scenes in some of the world’s most high-end and artisanal mods (including: the Gamma, Alpha and Cubix models offered by Carlos Creation; the RR Impact mod; the Gatub Craft mod; the RNV Dezign Little Java mod; the Thir13n Leo + Scorpio mod; and VO Tech’s ergonomic Mamba and Aegis mods), it’s the Dagger that has really become the face of VO Tech. So what’s all the fuss?

VO Tech's Black, Carbon Fiber Styled Dagger Mod

Photo credit: @giikon

“So far, this is my favorite single 18650, 80-watt temperature control device.” –Grimm Green

The Dagger features revolutionary technology that will undoubtedly be an important part of the vape industry’s persistent determination to continue moving forward despite external challenges. This unique temperature control device features the Auto Temperature Control (ATC) mode, which actually detects each e-liquid’s boiling point and self-adjusts to deliver the optimal level of heat on every inhale. Indeed, the ability of this device to moderate heat levels offers an important new horizon in the safety of vapor technology.

With safety comes accessibility… and the ATC mode brings that accessibility to the next level. The Dagger vape mod has invited new vapers into the temperature control realm, finally offering a simple-to-operate but high-power and sophisticated device option that is suitable for all vapers. With standard temperature control devices, the user is responsible for setting the temperature; if it’s too low, flavor production will not be optimal and if it’s too high, excessive heat will also disrupt flavor production by the second or third inhale. With the Dagger, the user is relieved of the obligation to input the temperature settings; instead, the device’s advanced PCB expertly handles all of the calculations for you. Of course, this only pertains to ATC mode; other modes of use featured in the Dagger allow for complete customization according to one’s individual references with manual Temperature Control mode, Bypass mode, and Wattage mode.

Vape Organics E-Juice and Dagger Mod with Custom Faceplate

Product Specs:

  •        5-80W Output Power, single 18650 battery
  •        Nickel, Titanium, 316 Stainless
  •        RoHS compliant
  •        Micro USB 0 5A charging
  •        Spring-loaded 510 connector
  •        200°F-600°F / 100°C-315°C
  •        Available in black + silver. Special edition: white.

Customize your Dagger with interchangeable faceplates!

Dagger Mod with Custom Stained Glass Faceplate and Vape Organics E-Liquid

Photo credit: @vape_organics

@michellemybell805 Holding A Dagger Mod with a Silvered Faceplate

Photo credit: @michellemybell805

@reogvapestore with Custom Black Faceplate on Their Dagger

Photo credit: @reogvapestore

@shykaneofficial Showing Off Her E-Liquid and Dagger Mod's Graphically Customized Faceplate

Photo credit: @shykaneofficial

@omg.cleo Using Her Dagger Mod with Graphically Customized Faceplate

Photo credit: @omg.cleo Shares Their Dagger Mod with A Sleek, White Faceplate

Photo credit:

With an incredibly sleek and compact design, you’ll notice that the Dagger is crafted from the finest materials: Nickel, Titanium and 316 Stainless Steel. The included faceplates feature a highly popular carbon fiber design, however these are magnetic and thus interchangeable for endless possibilities of customization. More faceplates are constantly being released; in fact, the newest stabilized wood faceplates will be available soon… need we say more?

Two Dagger Mods with Custom Marbleized Faceplates by

Photo credit:

Tips for Optimal Use

Please note that this mod works best with a tank (RTA/clearomizer) as in order for the special ATC setting to deliver the best results, the coil must be in optimal conditions: both fully submerged and in a completely enclosed area. The tank also removes the possibilities of inaccuracies in the build and insufficient juice on the cotton, which would disrupt the detection mechanism in ATC mode.

Woman Enjoying her Dagger Mod and Exhaling VaporPlease also note that the closer the liquid comes to boiling point, the temperature on the screen will appear higher—this is an indication of the temperature of the coil, not of the e-liquid.


Questions? Watch Grimm Green’s full review here!

For more information on VO Tech’s offerings, visit

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