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Vape Organics offers the first USDA-certified organic e-liquid in the world, and utilizes a highly unique manufacturing process that contributes to the premium nature of our products. What does the crafting of truly organic e-liquid entail? We’ll let you in on some of our secrets.

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Attention to (Every) Detail

Inside, aerial view of Vape Organics facilityOrganic certification requires that not only are all ingredients we use organic, but that our facility is certified organic, laying the groundwork for certified organic manufacturing procedures and even organic-compliant equipment. To this degree, you can be sure all materials utilized in Vape Organics’ manufacturing process are high-quality—stainless steel or glass only, and that our methods of extraction, processing, and even record-keeping are compliant with USDA standards. All Vape Organics e-liquid are manufactured in an ISO-certified clean room per good manufacturing practice standards. Of course, ingredients are equally important and we source all ingredients utilized in Vape Organics e-liquids from qualified, USDA-certified and sustainable vendors. Stemming from our commitment to sustainability, our facility is also solar-powered!


A Flavor is Born


Organic Vape Juice Hanging by clothespins

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Of course, first we must imagine a flavor profile that we would like to create, and we source all of our inspiration directly from nature. Our original line of six flavors was crafted with the goal of filling a variety of flavor categories, with only certified organic and plant-based extracts—a challenge we sincerely enjoy. While this can feel extremely limiting, our expert mixologists  (part of our in-house R&D department), were able to meet the goals of our collective imaginations, creating a line featuring not only a robust platter of fruit, but also the elements of mint, coffee, dessert and tea for a well-rounded, original line. Nonetheless, we added seasonal flavors like Peanut Brittle and Spiced Apple Cider (since discontinued), and later expanded to include: a refreshingly tropical summer flavor with notes of watermelon, pineapple and cucumber; a bold tobacco profile; an icy menthol e-liquid; and a spicy, warming ginger flavor profile.


These additions came either as the result of consumer demand for a specific taste in an organic formulation or our own desire to bring new flavor profiles to the vape market. In expertly layering a variety of extracts into each flavor, we are pleased to offer many bold flavor profiles despite the complete and total absence of PG, which is said to enhance taste.


Viscosity of e-liquidsViscosity, Though

Speaking of 100% PG-free e-liquids, what about viscosity? Our in-house lab works hard to ensure that each flavor is blended to a suitable viscosity; although 100% VG e-liquids are traditionally thicker and therefore not suited to certain hardware and temperature settings, we are aided by science in balancing the flavor extracts and vegetable glycerin in such a way as to create a viscosity similar to a 70/30 VG/PG blend. This means that Vape Organics e-liquids should be suitable for every vaper, regardless of varying and individual-specific vaping preferences and atomizer designs.


Blackberry Mint on organic background

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But First… Evaporate

After every e-liquid is expertly blended, but before the addition of nicotine (when relevant), we apply a special and unique method to systematically evaporate the alcohol utilized in the flavor extracts. In essence, this process creates a product that is pre-steeped prior to landing on the shelf of your vape store. Can’t stand the lingering taste of alcohol but want natural flavor extracts instead of artificial flavoring? Science (and Vape Organics) to the rescue!


Organic Nicotine—For Real?!

When Vape Organics arrived on the scene there were no other certified organic e-liquids, just a handful of companies claiming to use only organic ingredients. However, there was no option for organic nicotine… and this became another one of our fundamental challenges. Standing in opposition to Big Tobacco to the core, we sourced certified organic tobacco from family farms right here in the USA and developed a proprietary extraction process, which finally became certified organic months after our official launch. Our nicotine is extracted in-house utilizing the supercritical CO2 extraction method, which is free of the chemical residues characteristic of other extraction methods, and we use 100% organic VG as the carrier, instead of petroleum-derived solvents (such as PG) that are otherwise the industry standard. The first and only organic nicotine in the world is exclusive to our e-liquids and is optional, for those who have completely weaned off of nicotine.

Tobacco farmer


microscope graphic for microbiological testingHold the Bottle!

Before any of our bulk product is bottled, we conduct testing on every single batch. These physical, microbiological and assay tests are recorded and compared with the master record to help ensure the consistency of every e-liquid ultimately enjoyed by… you.


Ready for You

Once the finished product has passed all of the aforementioned quality assurance checks and balances, Vape Organics e-liquids are ready to be bottled (amber glass only), labeled (with recycled paper) and affixed with a unique barcode, and shipped (via drones… just kidding!) to our retail partners before eventually making their way inside the devices of vapers around the world. In compliance with federal organic regulations, we maintain extensive records and retains of every batch for five years to ensure we can monitor and investigate, if need be, any lot number well into the future.

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