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Rose Lohn is the woman behind the scenes at Beastmode Industries, adding her special flavor to what’s arguably the most sought after product in the vape industry. We caught up with her and were able to get her to humbly share about her role in the rise of the empire.


Jason and Rose of Beastmode Industries (BMI) with Mechanical ModGIRLS WHO DRIP: They say that the secret to every man’s success is the woman standing behind him. You have been involved with BMI since day one; what did you first think when you heard Jason’s idea and how have you contributed on a conceptual level to the emerging empire of BMI?

R: I thought the design was too big when I saw the prototype but once it was cerakoted and engraved it was love at first sight (especially the Tiffany Blue!) The box itself, along with the wiring scheme and logos, were all his doing but when it came time to decide on packaging (what type, colors, materials, etc.) I definitely had quite a bit of input to contribute. Gift packaging was always fun to me so this seemed natural!


Rose of Beastmode Industries (BMI) in Production of Custom Box ModsTHE SWITCH: Why are you passionate about vaping? How and when did you realize the magnitude of this technology and what benefits have you personally experienced after making the switch from smoking?

R: Vaping has the potential to save so many lives, mine and Jason’s included, and witnessing people make the switch was the ultimate satisfaction I had when I was working at a vape shop. Since I have quit smoking, I have so much more energy and am just happy I don’t smell like an ashtray anymore.


Rose of Beastmode Industries (BMI) Vaping OutdoorsTRAILBLAZER: We love a woman who wears many hats. What are the various hats you wear in your work at BMI? What’s your favorite aspect of your duties as boss lady?

R: There’s just one hat I wear: the BMI snapback; I do whatever is needed at that moment to ensure everything here runs smoothly… from chip prepping and shipping to employee management and payroll, it’s important to be versatile and flexible, which is easier when you see yourself as serving a higher cause. I’m all about attention to detail so I love to personally package everything myself, too!


ENTERING THE FLOW: It’s clear that BMI is more than just a business venture for both you and Jason—rather, it’s a passion project filled with heart and soul. Do you believe you receive just as much as you give? What inspires you about the vape community?

R: Yes, we definitely receive just as much as we give. Hearing feedback from customers about how much they appreciate the time and effort that goes into every box is very gratifying. I get inspired just from hearing the word “community,” and of course it’s amazing how passionate people are about this industry, how much we want to help one another… vapers are incredibly community-oriented. There aren’t any “smokers” communities out there! ((laughs))


Jason and Rose of Beastmode Industries (BMI) with Custom Mechanical ModEVOLUTION: You have been vaping for more than 3 years now. What is your favorite advancement in the industry that you’ve witnessed during this time?

R: Favorite advancement? Box mods, of course! We have moved on and up from starter pens to mechanical tubes and now to regulated boxes. I can’t wait to see what comes next…


GETTING PERSONAL: What are your favorite products to pair with your favorite BMI mod?

R: My classic set-up is the Tiffany blue BMI paired with a Tiffany blue tugboat, MXJO batteries and I’ve been stuck on Jazzy Boba for a few months now.


CONSTANT INNOVATION: The BMI Mini is set to release soon but hundreds of pieces sold out in just a few hours of pre-sales. What inspired you to create a new product, how do you keep your finger on the pulse of what your customers want and what’s so exciting about the mini?

R: Well, Jason always envisioned and wanted to create a mini from day one. He really didn’t design a box trying to guess what other people would want… rather, he built and designed a box with everything he ever wanted in a box mod. And the most exciting thing: the size, price and new VO Chipset, of course!

Group Photo at Vape Organics Booth at the Electronic Cigarette Convention

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