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While only some vapers are cloud chasers, we can assert with confidence that all vapers are flavor chasers. Flavor is so crucial to the vaping experience, and just another example of a whole new world vaping has opened up to former smokers, so it’s no wonder that there is such a variety of e-juices on the market. With a rising demand for organic vape juice that is free of PG and synthetic chemical additives, we are excited to help you navigate our flavor profiles so you can choose the best e-juice flavors for you!


Caffè Latte

A uniquely authentic java vape featuring a blend of three specialty coffee varieties, paired with hints of sweet cream. Strong and dark but slightly sweet, this bold, rich flavor profile can help you ground into the present moment.

Try it if you’re: an ex-smoker new to vaping or seriously serious about your love for coffee

Flavor personality: ancient, comforting, rich

When to vape: in the morning or whenever you feel the craving for coffee but don’t want to risk caffeine keeping you awake all night!

Food pairings: waffles, sweet pastries, savory bagels, nuts

Photo credit: @elizabuds

Blackberry + Mint

Like a mojito, but upgraded! This one-of-a-kind flavor is a perfect synergy of tart, juicy blackberry and refreshing, cooling mint. A far cry from menthol, this e-juice is light and uplifting.

Try it if you’re: a veteran vaper looking for a unique flavor in the sea of homogeny or an avid vaper looking for a perfect ADV (all day vape). Definitely try it if you’ve never tried an organic e-juice before

Flavor personality: fresh, heavenly, unique

When to vape: all day long, or when it’s too hot to think

Food pairings: rich cheeses, chips and salsa, spicy foods

Photo credit: @juicyclouds

Apple Caramelo

A well-rounded evolution from juicy Granny Smith apples to the smooth, sweet taste of caramel. This blend of mouthwatering flavors hits the sweet spot, while still tasting totally natural.

Try it if you’re: new to vaping; used to sweet, synthetic flavors; or a fan of dessert vapes

Flavor personality: sweet, fun, playful

When to vape: you’re feeling indulgent, or craving copious amounts of dessert you’d never let yourself eat in real life

Food pairings: coffee, nuts, vanilla ice cream, chai tea

Photo credit: @cloudy_christina

Mango Mystique

Like biting into a juicy, perfectly ripened mango fresh off the islands. This mouthwatering e-liquid masters the balance of sweet but tart, exotic but familiar—just like a real mango.

Try it if you’re: a fan of the perfect complexity of flavor contained within a single tropical fruit; new to vaping and aiming to keep it simple until you get your footing

Flavor personality: fruity, adventurous, seductive

When to vape: when you’re way overdue for a vacation

Food pairings: pad thai, daal or other Indian food, vanilla milkshake

Photo credit: @kelllymarguerite

Melon + Tea

An exotic blend of black, green and oolong teas, lightly sweetened with real extracts of distinct melon varieties. The expert layering of teas and fruit offers a harmonious and flavorful tonic.

Try it if you’re: a veteran vaper looking for a unique flavor in the sea of homogeny, an avid vaper looking for a perfect ADV (all day vape), or a fan of tea

Flavor personality: relaxed, quirky, unique

When to vape: on hot summer days, or when you are missing summer. In the evening to unwind.

Food pairings: grilled cheese, fried rice, cookies

Photo credit: @madvaporgirl

Menthol + Ice

Ideal for intensity-chasers, it’s hard to believe such a bold flavor is formulated solely from high-quality organic extracts but that icy exhale is truly 100% natural.

Try it if you’re: an ex-smoker looking for an intense throat hit

Flavor personality: thrilling, bold, icy

When to vape: when you’re about to reach for a cigarette or you need a full-body reset

Food pairings: actually great to cleanse your palette when you are exploring different flavors. Also, coffee, right?

Photo credit: @vape_o_five

Strawberry Limeade

An amazingly fresh tonic overflowing with sweet strawberries on the inhale and smoothly transitioning to a tangy lime exhale.

Try it if you’re: new to vaping, a lover of sour flavors

Flavor personality: sweet aaaaand sour, refreshing, joyful

When to vape: on hot summer days; at BBQs; when you want to cool down (physically or emotionally)

Food pairings: BBQ, epic sandwiches, toast and avocado

Photo credit: @worldwidevapers

Photo credit: @vapingkamea


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  1. Jay Funk July 19, 2016 at 8:35 pm - Reply

    I’ve recently began to care what I put into my body from working @ health focused grocery store and eating mostly raw foods without modified or added chemicals since our store banned all additives for color and even high fructose corn starch which is in most foods. I am interested in natural vaping liquid since I’ve noticed only using fruit flavors that my lung capacity is not affected. Using vapor over tobacco has not allowed my lungs to heal as they did when I quit tobacco for a year cold Turkey would hack up black mucas from deep inside and noticed better stamina while running and my asthma symptoms went away. I enjoy vaping and would like to know about the ingredients used in your flavors. I would love to promote your product if it can still hold flavor with only VG which we know flavor is sustained with PG and chemicals addictives. USDA cert is difficult to achieve from producer to manufacturer to finish avoiding conventional contact is hard!

    • Vape Organics July 20, 2016 at 5:45 pm - Reply

      Hi Jay,
      Thanks for reaching out! So good to hear that you are stepping up your health regimen! We would love to hear what you think about our products once you try them. I think this post should help you determine which flavors would be best for you… if you are interested more in bold flavors, if you recently quit smoking, etc. Please use it for helpful guidelines! Indeed, our flavors are different than what you may be used to due to the absence of chemical additives, synthetic flavors and artificial sweeteners. To a certain degree, it depends on what is most important to you! But we do believe you can indeed have the best of both worlds: amazing ingredients, highest standard manufacturing process, and wonderful, unique flavors. Best wishes!

  2. Caitlin K August 11, 2016 at 3:11 pm - Reply

    Hi! I had a quick question. I am looking to use my vape to ease my anxiety. My anxiety is all mental and is causes nausea and I’m hoping to find a vape that would calm my nerves/calm my stomach so I can use as a sort of placebo to kill the nausea. Is there any flavor you would suggest for something like this? Or do you plan on making one in the near future with these effects in mind?

    • Vape Organics August 14, 2016 at 4:49 pm - Reply

      Hi Caitlin,
      Thanks for reaching out! We are not healthcare professionals and therefore cannot answer your question. We suggest choosing whatever flavor you think you’d most enjoy the taste of! Very best wishes!

  3. Cindy Tesler December 7, 2016 at 10:38 am - Reply

    Thanks for mentioning that a coffee flavored e-juice is great if you’re an ex-smoker new to vaping. You also mentioned that blackberry and mint is a great flavor for those people looking for an all day vape flavor. I think it’s a good idea to choose an e-juice from a vendor that is reputable and trustworthy.

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