Organic Vape Juice: NOT a Myth

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Since day one, the mission fueling Vape Organics has been to set a new standard in the vape industry, as well as raise awareness about the existence of organic e-liquids and its potential benefits over synthetic e-liquids. Unfortunately, and although our products have been [...]

Vape Organics Releases Ginger Spice for U.S. Distribution

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In the spring of last year, Vape Organics added a new flavor to its USDA-certified organic e-liquid line: Ginger Spice. However, this new flavor was formulated specifically for the [...]

Product Spotlight: The Dagger Mod

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It may seem like it wasn’t so long ago that we announced the launch of VO Tech, the technology-focused sister company of Vape Organics; however, in the year since VO Tech released the VO chipset, the company has developed invaluable [...]

What Nicotine Strength is Best for You?

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New to vaping? Unsure how to select the best nicotine level for you? With so many options for every aspect of vaping, it can feel overwhelming to find your perfect vape set-up. However, a little research, a helpful [...]

Check Out What the Instagram Community is Saying About Vape Organics

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Instagram has been one of the primary networks for the exploration of vaping, free of the restrictions that define other platforms as a result of grouping tobacco and vapor products together. Crucial in the blossoming of the vape community, as well as essential to [...]

VO Tech Brings the Same High Standards to Vape Hardware

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One year ago VO Tech (formerly known as VO Distro) launched with a piece of equipment that had the entire industry talking: the VO chipset. VO Tech continues to grow in offerings and expand in reach, consistently presenting the vape [...]

Organic E-liquid – What Exactly Are the Benefits?

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An overwhelming majority of current vapers are ex-smokers who obviously understand from personal experience that vaping feels healthier than smoking cigarettes. This sentiment is shared through countless testimonials on vape forums, social media, and other grassroots outlets. As interest in organic vape juice soars, now hovering at 120,000 [...]

Which Vape Organics E-Liquid Flavor is Best for You?

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While only some vapers are cloud chasers, we can assert with confidence that all vapers are flavor chasers. Flavor is so crucial to the vaping experience, and just another example of a whole new world vaping has opened up to former smokers, so it’s no wonder that there is such a variety of e-juices on the market. With a rising demand for [...]