Vape Organics Successfully Registers with the FDA

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Vape Organics successfully submitted to the FDA our establishment registration and product listing, featuring the first and only certified organic e-liquids that contain nicotine.

Exclusive Interview: Branding and Your Online Presence

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Branding, or the ongoing curation of the image your company conveys to the world through a variety of mediums, is a crucial factor in the equation to build a successful business. In arguably oversaturated markets like the vape industry, a [...]

Coordination: The Crucial Legal Effort Challenging the FDA’s Regulations

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The vape industry finally received good news recently with the announcement of the FDA’s decision to delay implementation of its problematic Deeming Regulations. The agency has additionally committed [...]

5 Social Media Tips to Increase Your Vape Shop’s Exposure

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Social media has become one of the primary marketing tools of the modern age, lauded for its function as a grassroots awareness-raising tool, its facilitation of direct communication with people who could benefit from exposure to your company

Solutions to 3 Common Problems Vapers Experience

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If vaping seems to cause you to cough, hit the pause button and ask yourself the following questions: is it possible I need to reduce my nicotine level? Is my temperature setting too [...]

Inspiration Series XI: GRIMM GREEN

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Nick Green is one of the most high-profile personalities in the vape industry; his passion for helping people navigate the vape sector, his honest reviews about products, and his commitment to vape advocacy have earned him widespread respect. With [...]