Maximize Your Vaping Experience with Vape Organics E-Liquid

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With over 120,000 online searches per year for organic e-liquid, it’s clear that there is both an interest in, and demand for, all-natural vape juice. As time passes, those who have made the switch to vaping become more aware of the [...]

Solutions to 3 Common Problems Vapers Experience

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If vaping seems to cause you to cough, hit the pause button and ask yourself the following questions: is it possible I need to reduce my nicotine level? Is my temperature setting too [...]

What Goes into the Making of Vape Organics E-Liquid

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Vape Organics offers the first USDA-certified organic e-liquid in the world, and utilizes a highly unique manufacturing process that contributes to the premium nature of our products. What does [...]

Product Spotlight: The Dagger Mod

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It may seem like it wasn’t so long ago that we announced the launch of VO Tech, the technology-focused sister company of Vape Organics; however, in the year since VO Tech released the VO chipset, the company has developed invaluable [...]

Vape Community Alert: Urgent Calls to Action

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All of the years of media misrepresentation, destructive legislative initiatives, as well as, yes, revolutionary product innovation and enhanced professionalism, have prepared us for this moment. A movement as powerful as [...]

Vote NO on CA Prop. 56 Vapor Tax Hike – Here’s Why

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A new ballot measure in California, Prop. 56, is being disguised as a tobacco tax increase that will be allocated to help smokers quit. Unfortunately, this prop and the campaign behind it are severely deceiving [...]

TUTORIAL: How to Build Coils on the eVOlve RDA

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Now that we have passed August 8th and the FDA’s deeming regulations have begun to go into effect, vape shops are no longer permitted to offer coil-building services to their customers. While this can be frustrating and, in the worst case [...]

The Truth About Diacetyl and Other Chemicals in E-Liquids

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We noticed that one of the most common search items on our website is “diacetyl,” confirming the concern vapers have about widespread but misleading media reports alleging a causal connection between vaping and a severe lung disease commonly known as “popcorn lung.” While [...]