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About Vape Organics

Vape Organics is a wholesale-only manufacturer of premium quality, USDA-certified organic e-liquids. We partner with qualified brick-and-mortar vape shops and online retailers who make them available to vaping enthusiasts everywhere.

How We Created the Best Organic E-Liquids

Vape Organics is the first to offer organic e-liquids that are USDA-certified. Our mission is to create truly superior e-liquids using only the best, sustainably-sourced organic and vegan ingredients. Since there was no organic nicotine available, we decided to formulate our own. Extracted in-house from certified organic tobacco grown on U.S. soil, our e-liquids contain the only organic liquid nicotine in the world, ensuring our product is completely free of PG and other petroleum-derived solvents.

Did you know that there are over 120,000 searches for organic e-liquid every year? That number is only going to increase as more people make the switch to vaping and research what’s in the e-liquids they’re inhaling.

What Does it Mean to be Certified Organic?

It means every step in the creation of our e-liquids, from the ingredients to our manufacturing process to our facility, is subject to stringent regulations and regular inspections by one of the primary USDA-accredited organic certifying agencies: Quality Assurance International (QAI). We strictly adhere to QAI’s standards of excellence in terms of quality control, cleanliness and transparency.

Why do we subject ourselves to this rigorous oversight? To give our customers 100 percent confidence in the quality and integrity of our organic e-juice.

Click here to view our certification.

It’s the Little Things That Matter.

Our attention to detail proves we truly care. We take extra precautions at every level to ensure the highest-quality product.

Interested in becoming a wholesale partner?

Partner with us to offer your customers the first certified organic e‑juice in the world. 9 unique flavor profiles from a company that’s here to stay.

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Looking to buy from our all-organic vape juice line?

Try the first USDA certified organic e-liquid today! Clean-tasting 100% VG e-liquids powered by only natural extracts… free of all synthetic chemical additives.

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Our Facility Sets Us Apart.

Vape Organics was born from the belief that the vape community deserves the best… and we are uniquely positioned to provide. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, we’re proud to raise the bar in the vape industry. In addition to our USDA organic certification, we are distinguished by our:

  • State-of-the-art facility
  • In-house R&D department
  • High-tech lab
  • Three ISO-certified clean rooms
  • Automated filling with capacity for 50,000 pieces/day
  • Solar-powered facility
  • In-house nicotine extraction
  • Transparent and accountable

What’s NOT in Our E-Liquids?

“PG” is a main ingredient in most e-juice + is derived from petroleum
Did we mention our products are 100% natural?
GMOs are living organisms which have undergone the highly controversial genetic engineering process, resulting in artificially manipulated genetic material
Just real food, fruit and plant extracts!
The cultivation of palm oil is a major cause of deforestation, enhanced threats to endangered species, abuse of indigenous rights + increased greenhouse gas emissions
ingredients which have been exposed to radiation as a potentially unsafe method of food preservation.
Commonly used harmful plastics leach BPA and other chemicals


Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin

  • Ethically and sustainably produced from organic, non-GMO soybeans
  • Free of palm oil for ethical concerns
  • Superior pharmaceutical-quality glycerin that meets USP standards

Certified Organic Natural Extracts

  • Plant-based extracts—not “flavorings”
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Vegan and non-GMO

Certified Organic Nicotine

  • Extracted in-house from USDA organic tobacco grown on U.S. soil
  • Our proprietary extraction process utilizes our certified organic VG rather than a petroleum-derived solvent
  • CO2 extraction means no harmful residues in the nicotine
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Our mission is to create truly superior e-liquids using only the best, sustainably-sourced organic and vegan ingredients.